Wisdom Seed

YOU are not what YOU think YOU think YOU are.

What YOU are, what we all are, is what we secretly believe we are, can do and “be.”

The “greats” where un-consciously CONSCIOUS of their greatness and took immense action.

It’s about convincing the that little man who lives inside of your head

YOU know, that little fellow who steps into the shower with YOU…

And thinks thoughts FOR YOU…

It’s about convincing the YOU inside of YOU that what YOU say about YOU do about!

We are not what we think we are…

What we are is who we subconsciously believe…

People talk a great game. But that is not really them.

People tell tale tales.

But now we know the whole truth.

Just for 6 days.

Actually DO as YOU THINK and THOUGHT YOU said YOU would inside of your head.

Guess what…

Everyone is voting for YOU!

Especially that little fellow deep, deep, inside of your head.

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